Volkswagen Tiguan (2012)

CARBARN | Volkswagen Tiguan (2012) | While demand was spectacular at home in Europe, the VW failed to find favor with early North American shoppers, despite entering a white-hot segment. But that's rapidly changing. Utilizing the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TSI engine that helps the tug at our Heartstrings GTI, the Tiguan has always been an Engaging drive. Generating the same 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque output as last year's model, a willing drivetrain was never the problem - it was lackluster fuel economy. Along with this change, the Aisin gearbox torque converter Pls uncouples its coasting, and the software features reduced transmission shift points and lowered the idle speed (now a diesel-like 600 rpm).

Being conservative and going with the 15-percent improvement, that Should work out to about 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway in front-wheel-drive spec - big improvements over the outgoing model's frankly unimpressive 20/26 ratings. Unfortunately, the turbo'd Tig still Recommends premium fuel. The Tiguan's updated hardware Beneath a modest exterior hides an updo that's surprisingly effective. The front fascia adopts VW's latest corporate look, with a twin split-bar grille and new headlamps That look markedly more assertive than the somewhat saggy fixtures They replace - particularly in SEL trim, the which incorporates the U-shaped LED arrays, a change That recaptures some lost the aggression of the Concept Tiguan of 2006 made the transition to production. The other front fascia, known as the 18 ° Sport & Style, incorporates a bluffer face, with a larger center air intake and a Leno jut to its lowermost region. Will European customers get Their choice of front-ends Depending on the which model They choose, but U.S.

There's a new steering wheel with multi-function switchgear, a crisper and more colorful displays data nestled the between the tachometer and the speedometer, an updated gearshift lever and top-spec SEL models get a thin fillet of matte silver trim on the door cards. Those fearing the same sort of discount materials decontenting and inflicted upon the 2011 Jetta have nothing to worry about - the 2012 Tiguan still errs on the premium side and observed fit-and-finish in a variety of test models was first-rate. We powered out of Munich and into the heart of the Austrian Alps, driving everything from the innovative 1.4-liter twincharger (which is supercharged and turbocharged Both to deliver 158 horsepower and 177 pound-fet of torque) to our 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI backed by a six-speed manual and 4Motion all-wheel drive, Sport & Style Both wearing togs.

Since We will not get any of these powertrain combinations (as before, we'll have a choice of a base front-wheel-drive model with manual transmission or uplevel trims with front-or all-wheel drive is paired exclusively with the updated six -speed automatic), we'll have to wait to give you our full impressions. Bigger changes Will have to wait until the next-generation Tiguan, a model that's Likely to be very different from what you see here. According to what we've Heard from Several sources, Jonathan Browning, VW of North America's new CEO, is understood to be unhappy with the Jetta's Accommodations, so a repeat performance with the Tiguan is Unlikely.

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