Nissan Versa (2012)

CARBARN | Nissan Versa (2012) | We Are in japan country, the country will from issue a variety of new sports car, one of the propagators of the NISSAN manufacturer, want to know?  The new one is much more fluid, following Nissan's current design language, curvaceous fenders and sporting an almost coke bottle profile from some angles.  Cleary Necessary to Provide any meaningful amount of trunk space, this aspect is by no means unique to the Versa the Fiesta suffers from it too.

Nissan is actively promoting the new Versa's interior space as a major selling point and you step in you're greeted with a cabin That does indeed feel rather spacious. Boasting an overall volume of 90 cubic feet, with some 14.8 feet of trunk space, the Versa definitely ranks Among the most capacious cars in its sub-compact class and legroom is particularly impressive. For an entry-level car, the interior fit and finish is not bad, sure there's acres of hard plastic, but it feels decently solid, with the controls not feeling as flimsy as some Nissans in the past.  However it's the Accommodations for rear seat riders That Impress the most.  Most of the good stuff, like air conditioning, keyless entry, cruise control, Bluetooth, hands free communication and in-car navigation / entertainment system with 5-inch screen costs extra.

The Versa is Offered in three trim levels for 2012: S (priced at That $ 10.990), SV ($ 14.560) and SL ($ 15.560), though by the time you've added in all the extra features on the top of the line SL, Such as the Tech Package, the which include Bluetooth, the system and Sirius XM satellite radio - you're looking at around $ 18,000, the which is a significant jump from the much-touted base price. The 2012 is also shorter and lower, though That extra 2.7-inches in rear overhang That lends the impression it is in fact longer.

In terms of actual engineering, the new Versa small car is conventional: a unibody construction, front suspension MacStrut familiar with a torsion beam axle in the rear.  Improvements over last year's bike include a dual injector system for each cylinder, Designed to Provide better fuel delivery, atomization and improved combustion. Continuously Variable Timing Control on Both the intake and exhaust ports also helps promotes better burning and is said to Improve fuel economy by four percent. In the Versa sedan, it's rated at 109 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 107 lb-ft of torque at 4400. An auxiliary box housing a set of planetary gears and Wider ratio, result in a Notably improved driving experience, ESPECIALLY cresting hills or curves, there's more of an aggressive downshift, allowing the engine to work in its peak rpm range, without having to floor the accelerator.

In terms of fuel economy, Nissan says Will this help the Versa engine do 30 miles per gallon in the city and 38 on the open road, The Best We Could Muster was 25/34 respectively. Considering the car's entry price Probably it comes as no surprise That front disc and rear drum brakes are standard, though fortunately so is anti-lock, electronic braking assistance and of course Nissan's Vehicle Dynamic Control system.

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