Maybach Exelero

CARBARN | Maybach Exelero | This sports car may be rare to find, because this car is only marketed in several countries, this one sports car have the luxury facilities and other personnel from the others, want to know? The Maybach Exelero The following report


Modern, unique and innovative Maybach is a brand of luxury cars, maybe some people do not know, but the Maybach is a car Mercedes Benz. The Maybach Exelero 2011 vehicles created to showcase the new range of ultra-high performance Exelero Fulda leader manufacturers.

The Maybach Exelero is not some delicate flower of a show car. Based on the Maybach 57 and powered by a 700-horsepower version of That car's turbocharged V12, the Maybach Exelero reached 218 mph at Nardo.

Maybach Exelero is Suitable for People who like the luxury Because this car has a sporty and elegant design, the Maybach Exelero Also stable at high speeds so comfortable for long trips.

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