Porsche RUF CTR3 (2012)


CARBARN | Porsche RUF CTR3 (2012) | Porsche Tuning Specialist RUF has introduced updated 2012 version of the CTR3 supercar, which offers a longer wheelbase and mid-engine position of the new RUF CTR3. The 2012 Porsche RUF CTR3 engine is mated to a sequential shift 6-speed transmission and limited slip differential.


The top speed of the 2012 CTR3 RUF Porsche is rated at 236 mph (380 km/h).The 2012 Porsche RUF CTR3 comes with a modular construction while the company’s RUF Integrated Roll Cage protects the passengers.   

At interior, 2012 Porsche RUF CTR3 features aluminum gearshift lever for the sequential shift transmission, 260 mph (418 km / h) speedometer, leather and Alcantara. Weight of only 1400kg car RUF CTR3 (3 086 pounds). The Price of 2012 Porsche RUF CTR3 has not been announced yet.

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