Lexus LFA

CARBARN  |Lexus LFA | this one car is a car that is very pleasing to the eye, from its minimalist and sport, this car is suitable for men, women and children. Lexus LFA. Once again we see the super-sports car Lexus LF-A, once again as a concept car, with some tweaks to the exterior and the interior for the ‘07 vintage. According to Lexus, the production version will be very similar to this LF-A when it comes out in late 2008, with a V10 engine outputting more than 500 ps and a top speed of more than 200 mph. The engine is mounted in a front/mid position, with a transaxle transmission (gearbox and differential on the rear axle). The radiators have been moved to the rear too, to optimize weight distribution (you can see the huge air-scoops behind the b-pillar, and the huge vents under the rear lights). Still an eminently desirable car now with a bit more personality, compared to the original.  

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