Bugatti 16c Galibier Concept.

CARBARN  | Bugatti 16c Galibier Concept | one manufacturer that produces an average car has an energy that is not owned the entire car, new cars are now issuing more tentenya wish shared by everyone. The following report Images of the stunning new Bugatti 16c Galibier concept have been given generous, glossy coverage by the world’s automotive press in recent months. Most notable are certain design elements that can be reliably traced back to the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, featured on this very blog in February 2010.

I’ll pass on the fomidable tech specs, eye watering price tags and such – that has been done to death already.  If you have a moment, jump back to that article and make comparisons with the photos of the concept below. Unmistakable homage has been paid to Jean Bugatti’s masterpiece. The distinctive spine, butterfly hood and tailpipes are all there. Very pleasing to see them reproduced, but overall, is it enough to make the 16C a design classic?

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