Aston Martin Cygnet

CARBARN | Aston Martin Cygnet | one car that is suitable for women and mothers are now no more, now these cars have the variety and more unique shape, viewed from the car body is arguably the mini car, because it has a special concept for women who love shopping, you want to know The following report Aston Martin has released new pictures of the Cygnet, the economy car based on the Toyota iQ. However there are some differences between the two, especially with regards to the lights: the rear group recapture the classic V design, while the solution for the anterior end is much more intricate and, to tell the truth, not very definitive.

Same goes for the rest of the car: these pictures were announced to anticipate the concept car (to be displayed at Frankfurt?), but they have the sole (de)merit of showing with what nonchalance Aston Martin dealt with this crucial step in continuing its elite brand. Was it really too costly to not dedicate more attention to the details of the characterizing features? An example would be the anterior side scoops which seem “glued on” badly.

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