Fiat 500L (2013)

CARBARN | Fiat 500L (2013) | After 800,000 cars were sold in 110 countries around the world, today has grown to accommodate 500 new experiences and needs more time. If the 500 super-compact car is perfect for the young and the city, Fiat 500L is the first car can accommodate 500 families of small joys of life and the higher emotions all together: children, friends, travel, music and society. Continued commitment to identify products that have great wealth of technical expertise and design, especially in terms of propaganda that "the inventive skill" distinctive recognized as one of the reasons for success of Italian design worldwide, can be traced from Dante Giacosa way for the new Fiat spent Project.

Fiat 500L is the result of the way in which Fiat designers had to deal with the problems of technological feasibility, brand strategy and research, which set in advance in order to understand the relationship we have with the car in the futureIn addition to being comfortable and functional, Fiat 500L is legal. It is a taste of Italian style with a distinctive look and a unique ability to interpret Fiat to conceive and design cars that are innovative in nature and form. The substance is the concept of "space-efficiency," which features all the Fiats of the most innovative in the history.

Fiat 500L reformulates the compact category for the modern family in a vein through the emotional development of some of the stylistic details of 500 unseen ways. Recognizable features of the Fiat 500L, marked by the concept of the body except for edges and lines stretched to promote the "soft" form refers to "calm", non-corrosive object that conveys the charm and predicts a more harmonious model of the urban landscape and the environment. Developed in the framework of the new B-segment platform of Fiat, Fiat 500L is an innovative vehicle that appeals to a broad customer base and diversified and seeks to establish higher standards in terms of space and comfort on board.

One of the features of Fiat 500L conducted in the early stages of planning, packing more interior volume, the resulting compression of careful mechanical elements shared by designers and engineers. Fiat 500L is an overview of the external and the brightest in its class, it has the largest roof in its class - 1.5 square meters of glass - and the windshield pillars were divided and reduced to cleverly offer clear advantages in terms of active and passive safety as well. The color and materials Region Fiat Automobiles Group conducted a study specifically aimed at the classification of the possible scenarios of Fiat 500L, was held to give the corresponding formulas to sensory experience.

According to a recent survey, 4.1 meters average length of cars sold in Europe. What is the length of the Fiat 500L? 4 m and 15 cm But its real competitive advantage in the fact that only 7 cm more than the Fiat Punto, Fiat 500L easily accommodates five passengers two feet, with your bags five, without prejudice to the passenger area. Suffice it to say that Fiat 500L is the highest level of passenger volumes in the segment with a combination of front and rear passenger space is 3.17 cubic meters available. With the magic of the spatial system load, the load platform can be adjusted in three levels that separate fragile objects than heavy objects for cleaning dirty, bulky items than smaller ones. Cargo

This area of the interior completely, several sizes, to show the interior dimensions, for example, the maximum width of 1.456 mm in front (measured at the withers), and the height of the seat to the roof, it is 1.034 mm (rear, measuring 1.387 mm and 993 mm respectively). Many banks also helps to correct a high level of comfort on board. The rear seat offers the same flexibility. In short, Fiat 500L is a handsome car in terms of content and technology, easy to use and enjoy. Simplicity hides a complex process that requires hours of engineering design, testing and tuning.

The new HP 0,9 Turbo 105 maximum family TwinAir engine development, which combines the concept of drying (weight reduction and offset) with complex engineering as a supercharged by a turbocharger, exhaust manifold integrated with the cylinder head and make a new MultiAir second set of control valves. Exhaust manifold to cylinder head, in turn, lowers the temperature of exhaust gases (which are directly cooled by the engine cooling system). A small gasoline engine with two cylinders architecture in combination with 6-speed manual transmission, the development of 105 hp at 5500 rpm with maximum torque of 145 Nm at 2000 rpm.

As in previous applications TwinAir Turbo ECO mode is also available for the new Fiat 500L: in this condition, the maximum torque delivered is limited to 120 Nm and a power of 98 hp, which allows the power supply for use in the operating range, which allows a maximum efficiency and, thus, minimal emissions. TwinAir Engine little stone also because of the good level of comfort it offers. Particular attention was paid to improving the insulation, the study of control solutions that reduce the noise level seen in the car and improve the articulation index. Fiat 500L is the first Fiat car will be equipped with a multimedia device on the basis of a new generation UConnect, a new entertainment platform developed by Fiat Automobiles Group.

UConnect is designed to create a versatile system that can manage all the media content of the main car, as well as radio, mobile phone, media player, IPod or smartphone in the near future, as well as the navigation system. The system also includes a Bluetooth interface for access to more advanced functions such as managing the phone or read text messages received via SMS text to speech technology, innovative streaming audio system that plays music files and radio network directly from your smartphone via streaming Bluetooth device UConnect. A new radio-based operating system Windows Embedded Automotive and has a user interface with pre-function, such as the above text into speech recognition, voice (in 11 languages) and audio controls on the steering wheel so the driver can get access to all major entertainment and information content without taking your hands off the wheel. UConnect system also introduces eco: Drive-line application for the first time in the car. Developed by Fiat Group, which helps the driver reduce fuel consumption and emissions of CO2, monitor your driving habits in real time and provides tips for your driving more environmentally friendly.

The system will soon introduce new features such as built-in navigation system, developed in partnership with TomTom. The new eco Drive Live, the latest development of environmentally friendly application developed by Fiat in 2009. eco Drive Live analyzes the driving style thanks to data collected in the car and provides personalized offers to reduce up to 16% of fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. Environmental feature: Drive LIVE is an opportunity to receive feedback on your style of driving in real time, thereby achieving fuel consumption and emissions immediately. To ensure the protection of passengers, the new 500L combines body established in accordance with current criteria for the content of active and passive safety, which ensures optimum performance and to be on top of its category.

The performance security has been developed by designers and experts Fiat Safety Centre after studying all the possible types of impact, front and side impacts, rollover, congestion and the impact on pedestrians. 500L Standard equipment includes front airbags, and new windows - side air bags and knee bags on request - headlights with light DRL (daytime running lights) and fog lights with cornering an adaptive. This model also comes standard with ABS with BAS (Brake Assist System) and sophisticated that ESC (Electronic Stability Program), which intervenes in conditions close to the limit when the car stability is at risk, and helps the driver to control it. Available in fixed versions and can be electrically opened, Fiat 500L Sunroof allows passengers to enjoy all the splendor and a sense of freedom that the large glazed surface can be guaranteed.

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