BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid (2013)


Car Barn Sport | BMW 3 Series  Active Hybrid (2013) | The BMW Active Hybrid 3 sees the sporty and elegant body design of the BMW 3-Series sedan with custom elements added for its innovativeness in order to highlight it. Again, a gasoline engine with an electric motor for efficiency and driving pleasure typical of the brand combined. The BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid, BMW twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with an electric motor and an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends power from 250 kW/340 hp combined to cover the rear wheels. Synchronous electric motor, the BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid engine of a lithium-ion high-voltage battery in the trunk between the wheel arches is receiving power. The latest generation of BMW ActiveHybrid technology adds precise control - and thus highly efficient - power is in the mix.

All hybrid-drive and energy-related components were developed specifically for the BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid. Synchronous electric motor produces the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid engine has a peak output of 40 kW/55 hp. Among other things, the internal high efficiency and low weight of the eight-speed automatic transmission contributes to the efficiency of the drive as a whole. During the high-performance gear control system ensures that the gearshifts always closely coordinated with the requirements of the driver and driving conditions. Optionally, the BMW Active Hybrid 3 is highlighted with a fast switching speed sports automatic transmission, whose dynamic properties are determined by a custom gear selector and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

The BMW 3-series hybrid model, BMW Active Hybrid technology combining another major boost in the driving experience with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. To a precisely controlled flow between the engine and the electric-hybrid divided and provides an exhilarating driving experience. The BMW 3 Active Hybrid is a full hybrid, meaning it is capable, the only electrical energy for zero-emission driving in the city. To make the most of the Active Hybrid technology in the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid, the power electronics with a range of innovative intelligent power management capabilities to ensure that the drive is working as efficiently as possible are provided. In addition to the hybrid start-stop function, ECO PRO mode and braking (available mph at all speeds up to 160 km / h / 100), these features are a unique proactive powertrain control.

The specially developed hybrid start-stop function ensures that comfort is not compromised, even if the vehicle is stopped in traffic for a long time - because the automatic climate control and are supplied to the electrical system of lithium-ion-current high-voltage battery. Moving again when the driver releases the brake, the vehicle again on both of the electric motor alone or the electric motor and the gasoline engine, depending on the high voltage battery, the current layer, and how much force the driver wishes. ECO-Pro mode, which can be activated via the control switch Driving Experience, a particularly economical driving in the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid and makes frequent use of the pure electric mode.


ECO-Pro mode changes the properties of the transmission, including transmission, while the electrically operated comfort features can be programmed for optimum energy efficiency. The brakes - increases efficiency by shutting down the engine down not only when the vehicle is stationary, or when driving in the city but also in overrun Another function is developed for the BMW Active Hybrid third During braking on the gasoline engine and disconnects from the drive shaft. From this point on, the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid coasts noise, emissions and no engine braking effect. In sport and sport + mode, the waste water is not available.

The BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid, the Advanced Power Electronics design is still under development one step further. In addition to coordinating the functioning of the internal combustion engine and electric motor with clear reference to the current driving situation, they also support proactive, forward-looking analysis of the driving situation for a more efficient energy management. In the longer run the electric motor of the generator function, the high voltage battery can be switched without loss of speed is calculated. The operating status of the powertrain components in an intuitive, model-specific displays in the instrument panel in the Control Display to see the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid.

A history of fuel that will be displayed, not only fuel consumption history over the last 15 minutes, but the extent was used in which the electric motor, the BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid displays. The chassis specifications of the BMW 3 Active Hybrid a double wishbone spring strut front suspension and five-link rear axle and the electric power steering with Servotronic function of the new BMW 3-Series sedan known. Adaptive suspension is optional, while the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) that the vehicle is stabilized by applying brake pressure and engine performance diminishes with features such as Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), the anti-lock braking system (equipped ABS), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Brake Assist, Fading Compensation, a brake-drying function and Start-Off Assistant.

In addition to the ECO-Pro mode, mounted the standard switch-Control Driving Experience also offers Sport +, Sport and Comfort set-ups. The body of the BMW 3 Hybrid Active meets the highest standards of strength and intelligent lightweight construction. The safety components are in a comprehensive care system that synchronizes specially designed for the BMW 3-Series sedan and offers an outstanding level of occupant protection. The BMW Active Hybrid 3 has an extremely rigid passenger cell. The BMW Active Hybrid combines three of its ground-breaking hard drive with the usual comfort-enhancing features of the new BMW 3-series range.

The choice of BMW Connected Drive system includes an option for the BMW Active Hybrid 3 Park Distance Control, rear view camera, Surround View, Adaptive Headlights and High Beam Assistant. Other driving aids on the list of options are Speed Limit Info, BMW Parking Assist, Lane Change Warning, Lane Departure Warning and the BMW Head-Up Display.
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